Review: Bread Meats Bread, St Vincent Street

There have been a lot of mixed reviews regarding this burger joint, and I’m not entirely sure why. With so many similar restaurants popping up, I guess it’s hard not to compare one to another, and perhaps that’s why Bread Meats Bread has had some negative response. I visited for what has to be the third or fourth time and, despite a couple of hiccups, was thoroughly impressed.

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We walked in the door and were immediately greeted by friendly staff, who showed us to, well, a very long table in the middle of the restaurant which seats up to eight people. We were asked to sit opposite each other at one end of the table, with another couple a few places down. I wasn’t too happy about this as there were empty booths and tables in the restaurant, but we had been put here, where it was a little cramped and, well, weird. When we went to order drinks, I asked for a Rekorderlig, but was told they were sold out. I was a little disappointed because I didn’t fancy wine or beer, and ended up opting for a soft drink instead.

Glasgow Bread Meats Bread Review

The Red Label burger

We looked over the menu and I already knew what I wanted: the Pepperoni Burger. This comes from their ‘Red Label’ meat, this is a normal beef batty, which has Spicy N’Duja sausage mixed through it – my idea of heaven. It was topped with Spicy Sausage & Pepperoni sauce, mozzarella and actual slices of pepperoni, all sandwiched into a Garlic Brioche bun. We were asked if we wanted our burgers medium or well-done, to which we both replied medium. The burger was delicious and full of flavour not only from the beef, but the spicy sausage that was flecked throughout the pattie. The bun had a great garlic taste but didn’t over power the burger and it all just tasted so darn GOOD. My only qualm would be that the slices of pepperoni on top of the burger were quite salty, which unfortunately did tend to dominate.

Review Bread Meats Bread Glasgow

The sweet potato fries

To go along with our burgers we ordered a portion of Sweet Potato Fries to share. In the early days when Bread Meats Bread first opened, there were a lot of reviews going around that the Sweet Potato Fries were a bit soggy and not up to much. I can tell you that they have definitely been working to improve the recipe as they are now deliciously crisp and oh so moreish! By the end of the meal I didn’t care what table I was sat at, or what drink I had, I was so satisfied with the food and the friendly, attentive staff.

Despite the restaurant getting quite crowded as we ate, we never felt rushed even as other customers waited for tables. Even though there were a couple of minor negatives to come from this particular trip, Bread Meats Bread remains a firm favourite of mine that I will happily return to again.

You can read more from Amy, the author of this review, on her own website The Glasgow Diet.

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