Review: Burger Meats Bun, West Regent Street

Although it’s only been around a short time, Burger Meats Bun on West Regent Street has managed to generate a buzz around Glasgow quite unlike anything we’ve seen for a while.

They’re now in the top 9% (143rd out of 1,654) of restaurants in Scotland’s largest city on TripAdvisor, and their social media reach is nothing to sneer at.

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After feeling the usual 5pm pangs one Thursday, I knew it was high time to make the 5 minute journey round the corner after work and find out what all the fuss is about.

First impressions weren’t quite what I expected. It’s hardly the grandest of entrances: stumble down the stone steps past the fairly obvious BMB logo and you’re right in. From a lot of the hype and build up, I’d expected some slightly pretentious gourmet burger joint, replete with coat checking and shoe shining facilities. However that wasn’t quite the case.

In fact, I felt for a moment that I’d stumbled into an episode of ‘That 70s Show’ as I scanned the room, taking in the American diner vibe, with service staff rushing around, and folks unwrapping their paper clad burgers. We hadn’t booked ahead, and although we were advised we didn’t need to, the place was extremely busy – heads and stomachs definitely dropped at this point. The staff however, were quick to point us to the small bar area; the 5 minute waiting time perfectly acceptable.

Guts wrenching a little (with overwhelming hunger I should add), the casual barman took our orders, and during a lull of indecision on my part, asked if he could make me something he’d been practicing. My mother’s aged words ringing in my ears I didn’t hesitate to try something new, and wasn’t disappointed. A large custom white Russian that The Dude would have been proud of later, our table was good to go.

The personality and attitude of the place certainly pervades the very air, right down to the menus. At this point any self-respecting reviewer would likely deduct points for only offering three main meals. However BMB is an unusual marriage of the casual and the serious, served with a side of cheeky Scottish banter. You can have a scan of the menu here, to get where I’m coming from.

So I had the Smokin’ Bacon, and after the immediate urge to gorge passed, I continued to enjoy what was all in all, a solid, solid burger (figuratively of course – all meals are well prepared…)

The fries were half decent as well, which is often the falling down point for many similar establishments. Eventually I caved and got stuck right in, and before long the table resembled a piece of installation art trying to make a point about the excesses of modern living.

The Buts…

There aren’t many for BMB, so I’ll be brief I’m sure. Despite the great quality of the food, I did feel strangely had by paying extra for fries. Despite being a ‘sitty downy’ place, it still exudes a bit of a fast food feel, and with the quicker than usual table turnaround, I was never quite sure how I should be approaching it – how quick should I be eating, do I 100% pay at the table or head up to the bar after? A minor quibble but I can safely point out now that you do indeed pay at the table!

I also felt the portions were marginally too small. I’m sure from my experience, being that extra bit hungry probably played some part, but it’s always nice to feel a little more stuffed than usual at a great food joint.

The Rub

Overall, Burger Meats Bun lives up to its standing among the social (media) elite. Its slick customer service and even slicker burgers will satisfy every inch of your clogged arteries. Although a little greasy, the burgers (and the rest of the food) are of a great quality, and don’t feel terribly unhealthy either.

I’d recommend BMB for a bite before a night out with friends, or perhaps for that ‘not so serious’ first date. Located a stone’s throw from Sauchiehall street and run by two young yet experienced chefs, they certainly know how to reel in us yung-uns.

(And make sure to try what I’m sure will be your first ever burger and shake… for dessert!)

You can follow the author of this article, Jamie Cook, on Twitter @TheTartanRogue.

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