A Guide to the Glasgow Subcrawl

Last Updated: 30th January 2017 If you’re thinking about coming to Glasgow to study at one of the city’s universities, forget the prospectuses and course outlines, because here is all the essential information you’ll need to make your choice. The city is packed full of great pubs and clubs, which you will undoubtedly become familiar with pretty quickly. But, once you become bored of the standard night out routine, another option awaits you: the Subcrawl. The Subcrawl takes the conventional… Keep Reading

Review: Viva Brazil, City Centre

After hearing about the Viva Brazil’s concept of bringing you meat until you tell them to stop, I was naturally very excited about visiting this nirvana. Located a stone’s throw from Central Station, Viva Brazil is unlike any other restaurant that I have ever been to. First impressions of the place are great. Upon walking through the door the friendly hostess approached us immediately to assist and, as we were waiting on two other members of the party, we were… Keep Reading