Review: Inn Deep, Kelvinbridge

Inn Deep, on Great Western Road (just across the river from Kelvinbridge subway station), is an affordable bar and restaurant with a focus on craft beer and hearty food. Situated right on the river Kelvin, Inn Deep has a fantastic little beer garden with some nice views over the river, small park below and the spire of St Mary’s Cathedral. Given we were here a few weeks ago though, on one of the coldest nights of the year, we didn’t… Keep Reading

Review: Jayz Bar & Restaurant, Shawlands

With the winter weather set to stick around for the foreseeable future, most people are still looking for places to warm up on cold, dark nights with great food and drink. With this thought in our minds, a friend and I headed along to one of the South Side’s most recent additions, Jayz Bar and Restaurant on Kilmarnock Road, in search of comfort food and warming service. Jayz has managed to achieve a friendly, local-bar-feeling, at the same time as… Keep Reading

Review: Maggie May’s, Merchant City

It’s quite fitting that the first pub’s threshold I crossed since moving to Glasgow is the first I’m choosing to write about here on Get Out Glasgow. This lively pub on the cusp of the Merchant City offers a sanctuary from the sweated floors and muffled bass of most other establishments open past the witching hour, and it’s not difficult to see why it’s become such a staple of Merchant City life for most. I find that if it’s 1am… Keep Reading

Review: The Belle, Great Western Road

Having lived (and studied) near The Belle for a number of years without even knowing it existed, I was taken there by a friend one cold winter’s evening and it very quickly became a regular drop in. It’s possibly just as well this place isn’t in the most obvious location, situated in the less bar-heavy part of Great Western Road (smack bang between Kelvinbridge and the Oran Mor) as it’s tiny! As is, you’ll need some seriously good luck to… Keep Reading

Review: The Sparkle Horse, Dowanhill Street

The Sparkle Horse opened its doors about 9 months ago, replacing The Dowanhill which stood there before it. Now angling itself much more towards the trendy West End market, we went along to sample the food, drink and atmosphere of this new Partick staple. The interior of the bar has been left relatively unchanged from its predecessor, simply given a freshening up with a lick of black paint on the walls and a bit of reupholstering. The bar has a… Keep Reading

Review: Curlers Rest, Byres Road

Curlers has been a Byres Road staple for a very long term, certainly as long as I can remember. Back in the day it was always a great place for a super cheap pint and a bite to eat (seriously, you could get a burger and a pint for £3.99 back then!). More recently (although about 2 years ago now) they changed their image overnight, added the word “Rest” to their title and doubled their prices. Now, it might sound… Keep Reading

Review: Mono, City Centre

Mono, a few streets south of the Merchant City, is somewhat of a hidden gem in Glasgow… It’s also one of the most popular bars in town, but with a very specific crowd. This place has a super laid back vibe, every night of the week. It busies up, and loudens up, on a Saturday night but you’ll still get a seat, you’ll still get served at the bar and you’ll still be able to hear someone across the table… Keep Reading

Review: Brel, Ashton Lane

I’ve always loved Brel, being one of my regular haunts ever since my student days at Glasgow Uni. When I heard it had been bought over and that they were making big changes, I was a tad skeptical of what the outcome would be, but we went in with an open mind! Read on to hear how it went… There haven’t been any major renovations to the interior of the bar, however big changes are afoot in the conservatory area… Keep Reading

Review: Brew Dog, Argyle Street

Brew Dog’s Glasgow bar opened in 2011 and, sandwiched a tad uncomfortably between the City Centre and West End, it’s very much a bar that most people need to go deliberately out of their way to visit. Fortunately for them, it’s very quickly proven its worth becoming one of the hottest bars in the city. It’s a bar that people are willing to travel to because, refreshingly in this day and age, it offers something a bit different. Brew Dog… Keep Reading

Review: Vespbar, City Centre

Vespbar is a retro-styled Italian restaurant in the heart of the city centre, just half a block from Central Station. Not long opened, Get Out Glasgow were invited along to try out their new menu. Read on to see what we thought! When you walk into Vespbar it can initially be a tad confusing – it’s styled and laid out as an all out bar, but is selling itself as a restaurant. This caused some confusion as, when walking in,… Keep Reading

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