Review: Mono, City Centre

Mono, a few streets south of the Merchant City, is somewhat of a hidden gem in Glasgow… It’s also one of the most popular bars in town, but with a very specific crowd.

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This place has a super laid back vibe, every night of the week. It busies up, and loudens up, on a Saturday night but you’ll still get a seat, you’ll still get served at the bar and you’ll still be able to hear someone across the table from you speak. Speaking of tables, this place has lots of them. It’s a big barn of a place to be brutally honest, and a bit too brightly lit most of the time, but maintains a lot of charm and character. With an impressive, muralled, glass dome on the roof, an entire wall lined with old brewing tanks and no 2 chairs the same in the whole place (may not be strictly true), it’s a pretty eclectic mix.

At the bar, they’ve a good selection of fare, ranging from local delights like Williams Draught to international garbage like Fosters on tap, and a huge selection of bottles, cans, and a few wines too. Prices are neither here nor there; not astonishingly cheap, but by no means expensive either, especially for this part of town.

Mono Glasgow Pub Review

The interior of Mono

Mono also does food. I’ve eaten here a couple of times in the past and, while its 100% vegan fare fills a hole, it generally fails to satisfy and lacks the real quality of other veggie and vegan places in town. If you’re looking for food, head round the corner to The 13th Note, then jump back to Mono for a couple more drinks.

Mono has gigs on all the time, too, often on weekend afternoons as well as DJ sets and the like on Friday and Saturday nights. It also has a little record store (that is an actual “record” store) which is open most days and has a fantastic selection, old and new.

I’ve been a long time fan of Mono for its super-relaxed atmosphere and, as regular readers of my reviews will know, I do love a shabby pub! This used to be a real regular haunt when I lived down in that part of the city, although I haven’t found myself going out of my way to go there so much recently. If you’re sick of the Friday/Saturday night pub grind and you’ve never been to Mono, go and give it a try. It’s not for everyone but you just might like it.

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