Review: Inn Deep, Kelvinbridge

Inn Deep, on Great Western Road (just across the river from Kelvinbridge subway station), is an affordable bar and restaurant with a focus on craft beer and hearty food.

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Situated right on the river Kelvin, Inn Deep has a fantastic little beer garden with some nice views over the river, small park below and the spire of St Mary’s Cathedral. Given we were here a few weeks ago though, on one of the coldest nights of the year, we didn’t stay out there for long and withdrew to the warm refuge of the interior.

Inside it’s not a bad size of place, but certainly not huge. Broken into 2 rooms, the bar runs the full length of one room and the rest of the space is broken up into big booths and a mixture of 2 and 4 seater tables. It’s a cosy, attractive space, and nicely lit. The bar looks great, the back wall covered in every beer mat under the sun.

Speaking of the bar, Inn Deep has a fantastic selection. As somewhere that prides itself on its supply of craft beers, it really didn’t disappoint with a huge variety on draft and bottled, including locals from Williams Brewery like Williams Draft, Joker IPA and Caesar Augustus, and a constantly changing choice of guests. And to pay £2.80 for a pint in a nice bar, in a normally quite expensive part of town, was a really pleasant surprise.

Inn Deep Glasgow Bar Review

The burgers were fantastic

To eat, we ordered a couple of burgers. They have a build your own burger thing going on where you pay the base price for a standard burger of your choice (beef, chicken, veggie etc), then top it with whatever you like (and there’s a really good range of toppings). All toppings were either £1 or 50p extra each. I went with a beef burger with pulled pork and jalapenos. All burgers are served with either standard fries, sweet potato fries, or a mixture of both. I opted for the latter. The food was absolutely delicious – well cooked patty, decent brioche bun, super succulent pulled pork and some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve had in town. All for around a tenner, it was definitely a satisfying meal.

All in all I would absolutely recommend Inn Deep, I’ve been back a couple of times since for a quick pint and it has a great atmosphere and pleasant clientele whether for a couple of after-work drinks, or on a night out at the weekend.

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