Moviemania Heads to Alea and Reminds us of the Importance of Music

On 2nd March 2019, it’s time for lights, camera and action at Alea in Glasgow, where a Moviemania tribute act will belt out everyone’s favourite film soundtracks, allowing punters to swing and sway in the stunning event suite. Music is integral to our enjoyment of all sorts of activities. In fact, music is so important at almost every different setting within Alea, from its casino to its restaurant and bars. With this in mind, let’s take a more detailed look… Keep Reading

Best Places to Nurse a Hangover in Glasgow

We all know that Glasgow excels when it comes to legendary nights out, being home to one of the most vibrant bar and club scenes in Europe. But too few people talk about the equally legendary Glasgow hangover. Once you’ve had a few too many Buckfasts and danced the night away at Cheetah or Sub Club, all of the munchie boxes in the world won’t avail you of the headache that follows. Luckily, this city has you covered. If you’re… Keep Reading

The Best Irish Pubs in Glasgow

Glasgow has long been a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities, but the oldest international community in the city is the Irish, who have had roots here for well over 300 years. It’s now estimated that over 15% of the city is either Irish or has Irish roots, making Glasgow one of the most Irish cities outside the country itself. With that in mind, there is naturally a thriving Irish culture within the city, that’s celebrated by locals and… Keep Reading

Glasgow Alea: A Taste of Las Vegas in the Heart of Glasgow

According to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), British punters wagered almost £14 billion between October 2016 and September 2017. Within that total, punters of all persuasions were betting on everything from the National Lottery and sports to casino games and bingo. What’s more, as per the stats, more than 106,000 people in Britain are now employed within the gambling sector. Put simply, Britain is a betting country and, as a result, Scotland is just as high on blackjack, roulette and… Keep Reading

Four Places in Glasgow Where You Can Pay with Crypto

For the last couple of years, we’ve been hearing a lot about cryptocurrencies. They’ve dominated news headlines the whole world over, promising a new way for people to pay. Yet, the reality is that most of us have been untouched by their introduction. Whilst shrewd investors have bought and sold them online, the rest of us have simply watched from the sidelines, wondering what all of the fuss is about. That’s all set to change. With more and more retailers… Keep Reading

Triple Digit Birthday for Falkirk Bingo Veteran

Cards out and ears at the ready! There’s been ample cause for bingo celebration in Falkirk in recent weeks. With the relaunch of local Buzz Bingo club hall comes an equally momentous occasion: Mima Heaney, a regular and longtime veteran, celebrates her 100th birthday – long past top of the shop 90 and into the distance of triple digits. Mima’s been dedicated to the game of bingo for much of her life, even hauling through Scottish winter snows to reach weekly… Keep Reading

Welcome to the Alea Casino Glasgow

As the largest casino in the city, Alea is a glimpse of Las Vegas on Scottish soil, and the perfect destination for all card game and casino lovers. Moreover, with multiple attractions besides gaming, it’s a great night out all round. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to access casino-like entertainment online. When it comes to poker for example, different variants are definitely not hard to find. However both professional players and amateur enthusiasts have to agree that a genuine experience,… Keep Reading

The Best Rainy Day Activities in Glasgow

With up to 200 rainy days per year on average in Glasgow, it’s inevitable that visitors might be in for a wet visit at the Dear Green Place. And with all that wet weather, no one can enjoy the Glasgow Greens, for which they are so famously named. Luckily, Glasgow is filled with plenty of phenomenal indoor activities – from old classics to newly prized institutions, there’s enough to do every rainy day of the year. Go Back in Glasgow’s… Keep Reading

Top attractions to photograph in Glasgow

When visiting Glasgow city centre you want to make sure not to miss its top attractions. With a wide range of activities to do, the city offers something for everybody. Whether you like to spend your day visiting museums, walking around and relaxing in city parks or checking out historic buildings, in Glasgow it is all possible. Today we would like to highlight activities that are perfect to do if you are a photography lover. We will show you what… Keep Reading

Looking for Wonderful and Weird Things to Do in Glasgow? Try the Moffat Sheep Races

Everyone knows that Scotland is home to some of the most brilliant, fun and weird traditions out there – and they are usually inspired by healthy dose of Scottish tradition. For example, the world-famous Haggis Hurling Competition is said to be based upon the custom of Scottish women tossing haggis across a river to their hard-working husbands at the fields, rather than wasting time to walk over to the bridge, while the annual coal-carrying race in Kelty is believed to… Keep Reading

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