Review: Bo’vine, Byres Road

It’s pretty much a given these days that if you want to eat steak at a restaurant, it’s probably going to cost you. Not at Bo’Vine it’s not! I know what you’re thinking – if it’s cheap, surely it’s not very good quality? Wrong again. Bo’Vine specialises in steak and boasts some of the finest meats and wines in Glasgow. Well, I decided to go and sample their new menu and it is safe to say I wasn’t disappointed. Their… Keep Reading

Review: Bread Meats Bread, St Vincent Street

There have been a lot of mixed reviews regarding this burger joint, and I’m not entirely sure why. With so many similar restaurants popping up, I guess it’s hard not to compare one to another, and perhaps that’s why Bread Meats Bread has had some negative response. I visited for what has to be the third or fourth time and, despite a couple of hiccups, was thoroughly impressed. We walked in the door and were immediately greeted by friendly staff,… Keep Reading

Review: Bibi’s, Dumbarton Road

Despite having opened its doors in 2007, if you tell people you had dinner at Bibi’s Mexican Cantina, most of them will stare blankly back at you. Unfortunately, the reason that the restaurant is so unknown to most is because of its location. It is situated at bottom of Dumbarton Road, deep in the West End, where most city-goers just wouldn’t venture. Well, I took a trip there and I can honestly say, it’s worth the journey. When we walked… Keep Reading