Review: La Vita Spuntini, Byres Road

Whenever my boyfriend and I decide to go out for dinner we end up in the same situation every time… sitting with our phones out googling ‘best places to eat in Glasgow.’

Now, there must be thousands of restaurants in the city, but deciding where to go is always a mammoth task. We’re also unable to be spontaneous anymore after the night we walked around the city centre for the best part of two hours unable to make a decision.

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After scouring through Trip Advisor we finally decided on La Vita Spuntini – an Italian tapas restaurant located on Byres road.

I love tapas, and I love Italian food, so the combination of the two was already a winner for me. There is an overwhelming amount of choice on the menu – we originally ordered nine tapas dishes to share until our waitress warned us that this would be far too much! They recommend between three and four dishes per person, but main meals for one are also available.

What arrived at the table was the Scozese pizza with toppings of pepperoni and black pudding, the pepperoni duo pizza, Italian scotch eggs, Italian beef stew with potatoes, pork belly and alette di pollo – chicken wings with a sweet, sticky sauce.

There was not one dish that I didn’t enjoy – the beef in the stew and the pork belly was lovely and tender, the marinade on the chicken wings was sweet and tangy with just enough spice from the jalapenos, the pizzas were cooked on a crispy thin base and I didn’t actually try the scotch eggs as I’ve been put off them since returning from Thailand where they put egg in everything! I was told they were lovely, however.

Unable to polish everything off we could not be tempted with dessert, but I wish I had had enough room for the Spuntini dough sticks.

The most surprising part of the night was when the bill came – ordering so many dishes we were expecting to pay quite a lot of money, however the price was more than reasonable. Altogether we paid £40 for six tapas dishes, two beers and a soft drink.

I would definitely recommend La Vita Spuntini – it’s amazing value for money, the restaurant itself is beautiful and the staff are attentive. I can’t wait to return and try more of the menu.

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