Top 5 Non Alcoholic Cocktails in Glasgow

So it’s January. You made it through the party season with your dignity (almost) intact. You made it through Christmas with only an extra two inches on your waistband. And you’ve made it through the first ten days of January, hitting the gym, ditching the pub and eating something called “Swiss chard”. But you’re ready to crumble. Dry January isn’t looking like such a daddy idea when your mates are heading out on a Friday night and you’ve made a date with some spinach and your sofa. Fret not, I’ve come up with a list of top five non-alcoholic cocktails in Glasgow, to make Dry January that little bit juicier.

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Cardinal Punch @ Blythswood Square

Blythswood Square Glasgow CocktailsThis tart tipple is an adapted recipe from the 1800s. Cranberry juice shaken with lemon and orange, then topped with ginger ale. The citrus and spice makes for the perfect winter warming effect, which is of course needed even more when you don’t have your rum jacket on. Plus, without having your vision hazed by alcohol, you’ll be able to take in the stunning surrounds of the Blythswood bar. Beaut.

Mock Turtle @ Blue Dog

Blue Dog GLasgow CocktailsThis sober smoothie is like a blast of tropical freshness in a glass. Fresh kiwis and grapes fused with fresh lemon and lime juice, Rose’s lemon and lime marmalade, agave syrup and pineapple and apple juices – a tart yet sweet combo that’s just enough to keep you off your pudding. Blue Dog is open until late all week long, so ease your January blues with smooth piano and sweet mocktails.

The Nojito @ Browns

Browns Glasgow CocktailsThis virgin cocktail from Browns Bar & Brasserie on George Square tastes so like the real thing, you might just find yourself getting tipsy on the placebo. Fresh mint, lime and sugar is muddled with Angostura bitters (this does have a tiny amount of alcohol, but no more than your average hairspray) all topped with ginger ale. A spicier twist on the classic, that makes it the perfect cold weather soft drink.

Bambini Bellini @ The Living Room

Living Room Glasgow CocktailsIf this is your usual after-work bar in Glasgow, then you’ve been feeling out of sorts come happy hour without a cosmo in each hand and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on ice. But The Living Room are aiding the Dry January effort with their virgin Bellini, cranberry juice, white peach puree and fresh lime juice topped with lemonade. Fresh, light and saintly sober.

Tiki Cocktails @ The Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn

Tiki Bar Glasgow CocktailsBlast some sunshine into your detox day with mocktails from The Tiki Bar on Bath Street. This wily drinking den offers almost all of their tropical punches with an alcohol-free twist. So whether you’re partial to a Zombie, a Mai Tai, a Pina Colada or eh, a Missionary’s Downfall, just let the barman know you’re the designated driver for the evening and he’ll whip you up something exotic that’s almost as good as the potent version for just £3.50.

So there you have it sober sisters and booze-free brothers, your guide to drinking in Glasgow, without actually drinking. If you find any other great mocktails, do share the secret, and together we can make tee-totalling terrific. Have a great weekend guys – first week of January, done!

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