Review: Alla Turca, City Centre

What is it about going swimming that makes you hungry? I could eat a 3 course meal and still be starving after a few lengths at my local pool. And so it was that on a quiet Tuesday I found myself in Alla Turca on Pitt Street, post pool sesh with damp hair and a ravenous appetite. It was quiet for lunchtime (two other tables), however it was a Tuesday so we weren’t expecting it to be full to the… Keep Reading

Review: Central Market, Merchant City

Given my penchant for a cocktail in the Merchant City, it was always surprising to me that I hadn’t ever ventured into Central Market on Bell Street. Particularly given it won 2013’s most stylish restaurant at the Scottish Style Awards and was more recently entered into the prestigious Waitrose Good Food Guide for 2014. But a few Saturday’s ago that changed when I stumbled in there for lunch with a couple of extremely reliable drinking buddies. Which leads me on… Keep Reading

Review: The White Elephant, Merrylee Road

When I first moved to the south side of Glasgow I was aghast. “But we are MILES from the city centre”, I moaned to my partner at every available opportunity. However it didn’t take me long to change my mind. I quickly discovered that the south side of Glasgow is a thriving little community with some absolutely fab places to eat and drink. Step up Church on the Hill, one of my favourite south side haunts. So when I discovered… Keep Reading