3 Places To Spend Bitcoin In Glasgow

For a while now we’ve been hearing about Bitcoin, a mysterious new form of online currency which can be used to buy pretty much anything yet we still don’t know much about. Now, Bitcoin isn’t just confined to the internet. Its popularity has spread around the world and has certainly taken Glasgow by storm. There has been an influx of places all around the city who are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment service just like regular card and cash payments.

Bitcoin 101

Before we dive into where these places are and what you can buy, let’s first ask; what are bitcoin? To keep it simple, it is a form of online currency which can be bought online used to buy goods and services. Unlike the traditional money we use, Bitcoin has no physical presence, and all transactions are processed through a service called the Blockchain. The Blockchain is a shared public register, not a bank, so nobody owns or controls Bitcoin, giving you full financial freedom without transactions being frozen or blocked. Payments can be made via computer or mobile app, which makes paying for goods out in the real world even more simple as it takes 35 seconds less than card payments.

So now that you know what Bitcoin is, where can you use it? Let’s look at three places in Glasgow which now let you pay for their goods using your Bitcoin wallet.

Brooklyn Café

The Brooklyn Café in Glasgow’s Shawlands became the first café in all of Scotland to allow their customers to pay in Bitcoin. The first Bitcoin payment was made here in January 2014 to settle a bill of £42, which equalled a Bitcoin total of ??0.06938312, and took only 10 seconds to make the transaction in Bitcoin as opposed to 45 seconds for card payments. The American-style diner serves affordable homemade meals such as all-day breakfasts, huge burgers and tasty pancakes.

CEX Stores Glasgow

The chain second-hand tech store CEX has now been accepting Bitcoin for some time, but it all started in the Glasgow Sauchiestall Street branch. This store now has one of the few Bitcoin ATMs in the country, which allows the user to buy Bitcoin and transfer it to your online wallet. You can also use your Bitcoin to buy a range of goods such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, video games and so much more.

Your Sushi

If you’re looking to learn a new skill, sushi-making might be one of the most delicious to master. Your Sushi is a sushi making class that trains you to make delicious sushi at home, and they now allow their customers to pay in Bitcoin. When choosing the class you want to take, the website automatically generates the Bitcoin conversion rate so you don’t have to work it out, and transactions are quick and simple. From simple “Let’s Roll” classes to complex “Master Chef” workshops, customers can learn authentic sushi-making techniques in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

So, now you know all you need to about Bitcoin cryptocurrency and that it isn’t just an online payment method. It can be used in the real world and Glasgow is embracing Bitcoin with open arms, so get out there and try it out for yourself!