Review: Ingram Wynd, Merchant City

I have this fear of eels.

It comes from watching the brilliant film The Princess Bride and suffering through the scene with the ‘shrieking eels’. Shudder.

So when a restaurant’s website features the phrase ‘new Victorian Dining experience’ I immediately think of jellied eels. I should probably go and speak to someone.

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Ingram Wynd sits comfortably in the Merchant City, surrounded by some other great restaurants and bars. The exterior is dark and striking with the smouldering appeal of Alec Baldwin. The interior exudes sophistication and quality without being pretentious. From the comfortable seating to the interesting wall hangings, there is plenty to admire. I visited a few times over the past few weeks (for research, of course!) and I have to say that the food was consistently good. I sampled a few different starters, but my favourite had to be the chicken liver pate with oatcakes, salad and delicious spiced pear chutney.

The pate was rich, full of flavour and the chutney I could have eaten on its own with a spoon! Great portion size too, just enough to whet the appetite for the main course.

Another positive aspect of Ingram Wynd is the variety of dishes that it offers, which is why I had a
hard time picking one main course to have on all my visits! On this occasion, I decided to try the beer battered haddock. This was so delicious that I ate the entire meal before I could remember to take a photo. I don’t know where to begin. The fish itself was soft and flaked perfectly, the batter was salty and crisp and the hand cut chips had that rustic appearance which instantly makes them taste good. The accompanying peas and tartare sauce really hit the spot. Well played Ingram Wynd, well played.

Now I know what you’re thinking, surely this glutton of a girl didn’t attempt a pudding. Surely she remembered the societal demand for women to be lean and delicate and to stop before they are full.

Ahem. I had the crème brulee tart with ice cream. It may have been flavoured but I cannot remember this detail as all I could focus on was the heavenly consistency of the dish. It was sweet, silky and had the sugary crunch that makes this dish such a classic. It was truly wonderful.

So in summary- drop any plans you have, cancel any other reservations and get to Ingram Wynd for great food and snug surroundings. The staff were lovely too- full of the famous Glasgow banter! Full marks to Ingram Wynd, I’ll be back!

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