Top attractions to photograph in Glasgow

When visiting Glasgow city centre you want to make sure not to miss its top attractions. With a wide range of activities to do, the city offers something for everybody. Whether you like to spend your day visiting museums, walking around and relaxing in city parks or checking out historic buildings, in Glasgow it is all possible. Today we would like to highlight activities that are perfect to do if you are a photography lover. We will show you what places are must-sees and are worth photographing.

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Glasgow Cathedral

When visiting Glasgow you can’t miss the Glasgow Cathedral. This medieval impressive building is worth a great bit of your time to photograph. The Cathedral is beautiful both inside and outside with clear lines and is of great architectural and historic interest. Here you can find for example one of the finest post-war collections of stained glass windows and the famous Blackadder Aisle, named after the first bishop of Glasgow.

The Necropolis

Maybe a cemetery isn’t the first thing you think of to photograph, but The Necropolis is filled with beautiful tombs and memorials, as also buildings designed by Glasgow artists. The Necropolis is described as one of the most significant cemeteries of Europe and houses some of Glasgow’s most famous citizens.

Glasgow Green and The People’s Palace

For those who like to photograph nature and green, a visit to the Glasgow Green is a must on the program. It is the oldest and most historic park in the city. Until the 19th century it was used mainly for sheep and cattle to let them graze. Here you can find the Doulton Fountain, the world’s largest terracotta fountain that was unveiled in 1888 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Inside the park you can also find The People’s Palace which tells the story of Glasgow from 1750 to the end of the 20th century and The Winter Garden. This large conservatory contains a collection of tropical and subtropical plants.

Tall Ship at Riverside

Located just outside the Riverside Museum you can find the Tall Ship. Named the Glenlee, it transports you back to the time when this cargo ship was still operating. The Glasgow-build three-masted barque was built in 1896 and is the only floating one in the UK. When you take a tour on the ship, don’t forget your camera to capture every detail of this historic ship.

Of course the city has much more attractions to offer than just the ones mentioned above that are also worth a photograph. Make the most of your time in the city and take as many photos as you can. If you have a full weekend to spend in Glasgow, than be sure to also read our article with a full program of things to see in the city in two days.