The Best Rainy Day Activities in Glasgow

With up to 200 rainy days per year on average in Glasgow, it’s inevitable that visitors might be in for a wet visit at the Dear Green Place. And with all that wet weather, no one can enjoy the Glasgow Greens, for which they are so famously named. Luckily, Glasgow is filled with plenty of phenomenal indoor activities – from old classics to newly prized institutions, there’s enough to do every rainy day of the year.

Go Back in Glasgow’s History

Given over a thousand years of rich history, Glasgow is filled with cathedrals, museums and historical sites galore. In rainy weather, visitors can enjoy the gothic nooks and crannies of the Glasgow Cathedral, the twisted stairs and exhibitions of the Lighthouse, and the peaceful tranquility of St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. For modern history lovers, visit the Tenement House for a unique look at women’s independent living in the 20th century or the Scotland Street School Museum to celebrate over a hundred years of Scottish education.

From Modern to Classic – There’s a Glasgow Museum for Everyone

Glasgow is full of fascinating museums, many with quirky unusual themes to appease even non-museum goers. One of the most visited museums in the UK, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is just one of the amazing free things to do in Glasgow. Art lovers can also spend hours wandering around the Gallery of Modern Art. But art lovers aside, Glasgow offers wonderfully unique museums such as the Glasgow Police Museum, the award-winning Riverside Museum, the off-the-wall Museum of Piping, and the world’s first international football museum: the Scottish Football Museum – not to be missed!

Discover the Excitement of Online Gaming

Sometimes, rainy days mean not leaving the comfort of fluffy duvets and a cozy bedroom. But even when looking for excitement from home there are plenty of options around for lazing the day away. Online casinos and gaming sites provide endless hours of fun without having to deal with wellies and brollies. Most sites offer welcome bonuses and freebies so it’s easy to enjoy the fun games with the added excitement of money making potential – all from the comfort of home!

Play Games in Real Life

Glasgow has been quick to jump on the escape room trend and offers an array of exciting indoor experiences. When the weather gets weary, head to a challenging, thrilling and invigorating escape rooms such as Escape Rooms Scotland, Tick Tock Unlock, Escape Glasgow, or the Riddle Rooms. Find freedom from a deserted island, hunt down a missing professor, or survive a zombie quarantine for an awesome adventurous day – all while keeping it dry!

Get Your Shopping Spree On

Aside from museums, the best places to wander around indoors are Glasgow’s glorious shopping centers. Have a gander at Buchanan Galleries, House of Fraser, St. Enoch Centre – perfect for window shopping and avoid wet weather. A visit to the beautiful Princes Square shops will have anyone feeling brighter on even the gloomiest Glasgow day.

There are plenty of options for fun activities to stay high and dry around Glasgow – get out there and have fun!