The Scary Supernatural Tour Destinations of Glasgow

Around the UK, and likely across the world, one of the most famous aspects of Glasgow is the bar scene in and around Glasgow City Centre. While the city does boast a great many watering holes, a different form of visitor has become more prevalent in Glasgow – the ones seeking freights and the supernatural.

These scare-seekers have heard the much-vaunted culture of superstition in the nation of Scotland, and so, pile into one of its most famous cities to see what supernatural surprises there are to uncover. They shall not be swayed by the best nightclubs in Glasgow until their desires to experience some real-life horrors have been appeased.

But why do people search for fright and ghostly occurrences in cities such as Glasgow, and what are the scariest supernatural tours that can be endured in and around the city?

The seduction of scares

It seems strange due to fear being a natural defence mechanism to keep us from harm, but many people enjoy the feeling of suspense, anticipation, and the eventual shock of being scared. This enjoyment of fear is attributed to five occurrences, with these two being the most poignant. The first is a person enjoying the satisfaction of being able to push past all of the natural instincts to hide or flee, and the second is the natural flood of dopamine and rush of adrenaline felt when feeling scared.

Of everything that can and does cause fear among humans, in general, is the supernatural that hits the top spot. This spirals from an innate fear of the unknown; being uncertain of the presence or occurrence of something, inspires fear. The potential outcomes of encountering the phenomenon are a mystery, which in itself is scary. Unsurprisingly, people have now been diagnosed and are being treated for supernatural phobias.

Supernatural tours use these factors to deliver entertainment, as have so many forms of media over the years. Take Stephen King’s novel IT, for example. Written in 1986, the novel takes the image of the clown and uses the creepiest aspects, such as its ability to provoke the uncanny valley effect but then enhances its scare-factor by also making the clown a shape-shifting demon, making its next move even more unpredictable.

In cinema, movie-makers have enjoyed using cinematic effects and camera angles to show supernatural occurrences in a real-life setting. Some of the most enjoyed of these horror movies are those that deal in ghosts and poltergeists, especially when the events claim to have been based on a true story, such as those in The Amityville Horror. The retro flick first hit screens in 1979 and has been remade many times since due to the allure of a potentially real haunting being portrayed.

But the supernatural genre isn’t always inspired by demons and ghosts, as sometimes the creatures are portrayed as beings who walk among us, look like us; which is all the more terrifying. This is a powerful tool that is utilised to enhance the harrowing allure of a humanoid supernatural being, as is shown in the online game of Immortal Romance, in which the witch, Amber, can manipulate energies and the vampire, Troy, operates without conscience with a thirst for human blood. Both are powerful and unpredictable beings, but what makes them terrifying is that they look human, but they give off an air of unease, as if something is not-quite-right. Akin to the feeling you get when you walk into an old pub and you feel there’s something wrong, like eyes following you around the room.

Finding the scares in and around Glasgow

While there are a great many scary places in and around Glasgow, there are rather few regimented tours of these places. So, if you want to find the freights, you may have to find your own way – which may actually enhance the experience with some reading ahead. You would probably assume that a graveyard would be on the list of scary locations in Glasgow, but the site of St Mungo’s Cathedral and Necropolis is more of a point of interest and is indeed very photogenic.

One such tour, however, which is very much built around superstitions and the potential for supernatural activity is that of the Dark Side of Magical Nature tour from Glasgow City. The tour deliberately only takes place at night to explore the legend behind a hidden glen in the middle of the forest. The glen has been said to be a favourite meeting place of the devil, and so, dark and mysterious forces have been at work. Darkness naturally instils an element of fear through the blurring of our most relied upon sense, sight, with legends such as this making every rustle and branch crack that bit more spooky.

To devise your own tour of haunted Glasgow, the scare specialists of Haunted Rooms say that Langside Queen’s Park boasts the biggest supernatural occurrence of the area. It is said that soldiers lost in the Battle of Langside in 1568 still roam the field in ethereal form, continuing to fight. Along with Queen’s Park, Provan Hall, Dalmarnock Road Bridge, and the Glasgow Arches – all of which are said to be haunted by spirits. At these locations, not knowing if the people you are seeing and noises you are hearing are real, is a major instigator of fear, especially if you encounter the ghost that roams the halls of the Arches.

Seeking occurrences and supernatural entities that incite fear can be a very fun experience, and there are plenty of places in and around Glasgow to explore if you wish to feel the adrenaline rush of a good old fashioned fright.