Moviemania Heads to Alea and Reminds us of the Importance of Music

On 2nd March 2019, it’s time for lights, camera and action at Alea in Glasgow, where a Moviemania tribute act will belt out everyone’s favourite film soundtracks, allowing punters to swing and sway in the stunning event suite.

Music is integral to our enjoyment of all sorts of activities. In fact, music is so important at almost every different setting within Alea, from its casino to its restaurant and bars. With this in mind, let’s take a more detailed look at the importance of music in different settings at Alea and see how important music is to our enjoyment of everyday activities, not just films.


As the largest casino in Scotland, Alea Glasgow aims to bring a little slice of Vegas into the heart of Glasgow. With American roulette, punto banco, blackjack, three card poker and 50 electronic gaming machines all on offer, punters will be spoilt for choice at the Alea casino.

As a result, creating the perfect casino experience for all customers is vital, and music plays a big part in this.

The psychological effects of different sounds are often the key to attracting the attention of players. Although the thrill of playing and the lure of the jackpot all help people to enjoy gambling, a blog post by Betway assesses the role that music plays in the enjoyment of gambling.

While classical music can be used to relax gamblers during high stakes games, music in the key of C is often programmed into slot machines, as it’s proven to provide a more pleasant sonic environment.

Regardless of whether a play is spinning, flipping cards or rolling dice, music of different rhythms play an integral role, as music allows a casino to not only capture a player’s attention but also keep it, helping them stay and play.

Waterfront Restaurant

As the Alea takes its lead from the major casinos in Las Vegas, it’s also home to the fantastic Waterfront Restaurant, which helps to make the Alea a destination for tourists looking for an enjoyable night out in Glasgow.

The Waterfront Restaurant specialises in modern Scottish cooking. As it provides unrivalled views over the River Clyde, it’s also the perfect romantic destination. As a result, background music is required to provide the perfect backdrop and ambience.

Research by Psychology Today suggests that “restauranteurs need to face the music” and put as much thought into their playlist as their menu and their wine lists.

This is because music in a restaurant has multiple purposes. As well as providing ambience and setting the mood, music can also accompany and enhance the food, as well as influence customer choices.

While finer restaurants and high end restaurants such as the Waterfront Restaurant may play discreet instrumental music to enhance the food rather than obscure conversation, fast food restaurants may play popular music and chart music to attract attention. As this music is often played at a higher tempo, these restaurants can also increase table turnover, as it can subconsciously make guests eat faster. At night, you may notice that some of these restaurants play classical music. This blog post by Classic FM shows that this is used to combat rowdy behaviour.


From the glitz and glamour of the Long Bar to the big screens of the Sports Bar, music in Alea’s bar scene can make a big difference to the atmosphere. Plus, they can help the bars stand out in such a crowded marketplace.

The Sports Bar is stocked with a wide assortment of beers, wines and liquors, making it the perfect spot for some good old-fashioned partying when the games aren’t on. Meanwhile, by day, the Long Bar provides the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the finest cocktails in the Glasgow area.

As both bars are open through the day and night, music provides a vital role in setting the tone. For example, in the Sports Bar, popular football songs may get people in the mood for afternoon Premier League games but, into the early hours, dance music may be required to get the party going before a late night fight in America.


The Moviemania tribute act will undoubtedly steal the show at Alea on March 2nd. However, music isn’t just essential to films, and it actually forms a lot of the world around us. So, on your next trip to Alea’s casino, restaurant or bars, consider the music and the role it plays on your enjoyment of the festivities.