How to make the most of a small city garden

Not having a huge outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to be any less creative. After all, they do say that the best things come in small packages, and small city gardens are no exception to that. Not only are they much easier to maintain, they can easily be transformed into an outdoor haven on a budget. From creating a fairy light inspired canopy to finding the perfect composite fencing to suit your outdoor style, making the most of a small city garden doesn’t have to be complicated. Find out how you can make the most of your small city garden below.

Paint the walls white

When it comes to making the most of your small garden, think of your home’s exterior as you would your home’s interior. Not only will painting your exterior wall a crisp white make a great background for art and wall décor alike, it will also make your outside space appear bigger than it is, setting foot for a beautifully designed summery scheme for a chic fresh feel. The colour white also lets you experiment with several colour combinations, and allows you to mix up your outside space whenever you want.

Plant with pots

In a small city garden, the last thing you want to do, or have time for, is maintaining an array of flower beds. You don’t necessarily need a lawn to create a luscious-looking garden; a low-maintenance flooring option, such as gravel or wood, is a great alternative. From here, you can add lots of pots filled with everything from the daintiest of flowers to bushy trees – saving you time and space!

Trails plants up the wall or fence

To decorate your small city garden, make good use of fences to add vibrant colour and additional greenery to your outdoor setup. Both climbing plants and trellises are great for small gardens, lifting flowers and foliage off the ground to create a mystical atmosphere. A pretty fence does a lot more than simply deferring attention away from a teeny plant pot in the corner of your small city garden. They make less attractive areas more appealing to the eye, and add an entire new element to your limited garden space.

Add a pop of colour with colourful furniture

Even the smallest of city gardens can be transformed into something out of a magazine. What really makes a space special is the furniture. Your seating colours don’t have to match – bright hues, such as orange and pink, complement each other well. While painted garden furniture on the market can be costly, why not make your own instead and buy a standard set wooden chairs and a table to paint yourself? Not only can you paint it whatever colour you want, from lime green or sky blue, but can pick out the furniture you feel best fits your small city garden.

Design a multitasking garden

Before you get too involved in choosing your garden furniture, colour scheme or big garden reveal, if space is restricted, make sure you have decided what will work in your favour. A well-planned garden will roll multiple needs and uses into one, like a garden table with built-in seating, for example. Built-in seating is great to save space when it’s not in use, and will stay protected during bad spells of weather.

Lights, camera, action!

Although you probably won’t use your garden for half the year, at least in the UK, a good use of lighting will still make a great view from inside your property on dull winter evenings. Ensure lighting remains subtle – that means putting the fairy lights down – and highlight specimen plants, such as Acer trees, to create a feeling of depth within your garden.