Glasgow Alea: A Taste of Las Vegas in the Heart of Glasgow

According to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), British punters wagered almost £14 billion between October 2016 and September 2017. Within that total, punters of all persuasions were betting on everything from the National Lottery and sports to casino games and bingo. What’s more, as per the stats, more than 106,000 people in Britain are now employed within the gambling sector. Put simply, Britain is a betting country and, as a result, Scotland is just as high on blackjack, roulette and everything in between.

Online Gaming Sites Bridging the Gap

In Glasgow alone, there are three major casinos, with the Alea being the most recognisable. Standing on the banks of the River Clyde as part of the ODEON Luxe Quay, the venue is billed as a Vegas-style entertainment complex. Naturally, casino games are the foundation. For someone that’s never been in that world, the flashing lights and riffling chips can be intimidating. However, over the last two decades, the online sector has bridged this gap as the UKGC stats prove. Looking at the data, 35% of all betting is now done online. Part of the reason for this is that online operators are set-up for novices.

In the first instance, all licensed sites allow customers to play for free. Known as practice games, these options allow players to try their hand at something without the expense. Beyond the try-before-you-buy features, promotions are also a part of the online package. By going directly to a company’s bonus page, customers can access a variety of offers. For example, inside the promo page at Betfair,, there are free spins and bonus cash. Although these deals have certain stipulations attached to them, they’re essentially a way of making gaming more affordable.

Beyond the Gaming Floor, there’s a World of Entertainment

The upshot of these features is that newbies and those with limited budgets can experience something new and, importantly, have some fun without breaking the bank. From there, making the trip to a live casino isn’t intimidating. For those that do step through the doors of the Alea, the pleasant surprise is that gaming isn’t the only thing on the menu. By taking its inspiration from the leading casinos in Las Vegas, the venue is classed as an entertainment at the well-received Tony Singh’s Tasty restaurant.

The message here is that modern casinos are about much more than gaming. The Alea has become a destination for anyone wanting an enjoyable night out in Glasgow. For most people, the betting side of things acts as a psychological stumbling block. However, as we’ve discussed, there are ways to familiarise yourself with the basics without spending a fortune. Even if playing online isn’t your thing, it’s important to remember that places like the Alea aren’t catering to gamblers and no one else. Regardless of your interests, these casinos are perfect for an adult night out.