Four Places in Glasgow Where You Can Pay with Crypto

For the last couple of years, we’ve been hearing a lot about cryptocurrencies. They’ve dominated news headlines the whole world over, promising a new way for people to pay. Yet, the reality is that most of us have been untouched by their introduction. Whilst shrewd investors have bought and sold them online, the rest of us have simply watched from the sidelines, wondering what all of the fuss is about.

That’s all set to change. With more and more retailers now accepting them as a valid payment option, cryptocurrencies look set to spread like wildfire, and Glasgow is one city which is already ahead of the game. So, wondering where you can spend them? Then, here are four tech-savvy places to pay a visit to…

Brooklyn Café

Source: Pixabay

A little café in Shawlands might not seem an obvious choice for futuristically-minded technology, but Brooklyn Café in Glasgow was the first of its kind in Scotland to accept bitcoin. Its first cryptocurrency bill was settled in January 2014, when a customer made a payment of £42 or 0.06938312 of a bitcoin. It took just 10 seconds to go through, as opposed to the 45 second completion time of an average card payment. With its affordable home-made fare and famously huge burgers, it’s no wonder that the American-style diner is a hit with crypto enthusiasts everywhere.

CEX Stores Glasgow

A café is a rather incongruous place to settle your bills via crypto, but technologically-focused industries seem like more fitting recipients of this futuristic payment system. That’s why it’s unsurprising that lots of online casinos and gaming sites accept such payments, with internet enterprises like offering the best Dash casinos available right now, or that second-hand tech store CEX does the same. Starting the initiative in its Sauchiehall Street branch, it even plays host to one of the few bitcoin ATMs in the country, which lets users buy and transfer currency to their online wallet in an instant. This can be used to purchase everything from mobile phones through to video games, gaming consoles, and the latest gadgets around, making it well worth a visit for those with an interest in the tech.

Your Sushi

Source: Pixabay

Another arguably bizarre place where you can pay via crypto is Your Sushi. This forward-thinking Glaswegian enterprise trains attendees in the art of sushi-making so that they can whip up delicious Japanese-inspired concoctions any time they feel like it. Giving customers the option to pay online via bitcoin, their website automatically generates the correct conversion rate, so you don’t even have to work it out for yourself. With everything from ‘Let’s Roll’ classes to ‘Master Chef’ workshops, it makes paying over the internet quicker and simpler than ever before.

Shish Mahal

Getting in on the forward-thinking foodie action, Shish Mahal in Glasgow is also open to accepting bitcoin payments. This authentic Indian eatery already has a huge fan base, thanks to the quality of its cuisine and its exceptional customer service, but it has extended its appeal even further by going that extra mile to accommodate its diners. With its first crypto bill settled in March 2014, it seems to have it eyes firmly set on the future.

Pay one of these tech-savvy places a visit for yourself to see whether the future is really brighter with bitcoin!