Do Something Daring in Glasgow

We’re all susceptible to falling into the trap of living our own cosy routines where we don’t take too many risks. Of course, not taking risks is generally a sensible approach in life, but every now and then you have to spice things up and do things that you might not usually do. That doesn’t mean putting everything you own on black or red; just challenge yourself to do something new now and then.

Here are a few quick-fire suggestions on how you could shake up the routine in Glasgow, without rocking the boat too much!

Change your look

Have you had the same hairstyle for years? Changing your regular cut for a new style doesn’t represent a major risk, but it’s one that many women hesitate about doing. But the great thing about hair is that it’s always possible to grow out a new style and go back to the one you had before – even if it does take a while. However, the chances are that you’ll be happy with your new look and the only comments it will cause will be compliments. Make an appointment with your favourite stylist and see what they suggest, or freshen things up with a brand new stylist.

Men shouldn’t feel left out on this one, either; you could fall into the beard trend and grow one – or if you’ve had one for years, buck that trend and go clean-shaven. As is the modern way, there are scores of barbers offering stylish hair and beard cuts – a brand new you is only a pair of clippers away!

Sign up for a running challenge

More and more people are taking up running these days, or so it would seem for all the fun runs and marathons going on. If you’ve not joined in yet, there are plenty of locally-organised 5k runs in and around Glasgow. This is a great beginning level target for people new to running. Book yourself in to participate in a 5k run in a month or two’s time, so that you have time to get into running shape in the intervening weeks. At this level, it’s all about the taking part rather than the time you make it in, so make sure to take it easy to begin with.

Start dating again

Obviously, this is probably only applicable to the singletons out there; unless you’re feeling like your relationship is about to come to an end! Signing up to a dating app can feel like a daunting experience, particularly if you haven’t used them before, but it’s worth it, as at the touch of a button you suddenly have the opportunity of meeting new people in your area who are also looking for a partner. Also, by reading their profiles before you make any plans to meet, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of false starts that traditional dating has always been beset by.

Face a fear

There are often times in life where a concern or anxiety prevents us from taking part in certain activities. For instance, if you have a fear of heights, you might never have considered a sport like climbing. However, by signing up for a climbing course, you not only get to face the fear that you have, but with the correct guidance you’ll get from the instructors, you’ll get to learn a new skill and have some fun at the same time. Start off slowly – by going down to an indoor climbing club and enquiring about taster sessions. If you like what you do there, you’ll then be able to graduate to the Cuningar Loop Bouldering Park before climbing real rock faces like Dumbarton Rock and The Whangie in the Central Lowlands. No matter what your phobia, there’s a new hobby out there waiting to help cure it!

In a similar, but wholly different vein, perhaps you have no confidence about singing out loud, but feel that you’re missing out. There are so many community choirs around today, and many of them welcome non-singers who want to find their voice. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself; just go along and see what it’s like, rather than staying at home and simply wondering if you might enjoy it.

Whatever activity you’ve been avoiding, just trying it out will demystify it for you and you never know, may open up a new passion. None of these ideas mean pushing yourself too far out of your comfort zone, but at the same time, they may shake up your usual routine and make life a bit more interesting.