Cost-effective Glasgow nightlife options this Christmas

Glasgow witnessed a hugely successful Christmas lights switching-on ceremony in George Square recently, and it opened the floodgates to another season of festive fun as hordes of people flock to this party-centric city to enjoy the legendary nightlife. But whilst fancy bars like Blythswood Square and the city’s extravagant casinos may offer some exclusive attractions, for those of us who wish to save some pennies for Christmas presents, there are plenty of other exciting options. Whilst the big musical names… Keep Reading

Tickets On Sale for Ashton Lane Hogmanay Street Party 2014

Tickets have gone on sale for the biggest Hogmanay street party in Glasgow as Ashton Lane gets ready to bring in the bells at its highly anticipated annual New Year street party. 3000 tickets are available for Crabbie’s Ashton Lane Hogmanay Street Party and are expected to be snapped up quickly as party-goers get set for another amazing New Year celebration on the cobbles of the west end’s most atmospheric street. For £25 a ticket, revellers (strictly over 18s only)… Keep Reading

Welcome to the new GetOutGlasgow

In the 2 years since I launched GetOutGlasgow, it’s seen quite a number of iterations in terms of both the type of content we’ve been publishing and the look of the site. Today we’re launching the latest version and, in my opinion, the best yet. Built completely from scratch, using the latest techniques, the site has been built from the ground up with mobile users primarily in mind (given that consistently 60 to 70% of the site’s traffic is on… Keep Reading

Planning a Glasgow Wedding: Issue #3, Glasgow Wedding Collective Fair

The bank holiday may sadly not have been a sunny one for Glaswegians, but luckily there was plenty of fun to be had indoors for the city’s brides-to-be and their bridesmaids, mothers, fiancés (and even fathers, aunties and uncles if you count the sizeable and supportive entourage I dragged along) on Sunday at The Glasgow Wedding Collective Showcase. Held from 11am-5pm at The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane (handily, just off Buchanan Street) the GWC’s website promised that their showcase offered… Keep Reading

Best Clubs in Glasgow For Over 18s

Due to recent tragic events, the Godfather of Glasgow nightclubs The Arches has taken the decision to review its entry policies, meaning that effective immediately all club nights in the venue are now over 21 events, as opposed to the previous age restriction of 18. This drastic decision has meant there is now a group of 18 – 20 year old electronic music lovers who are looking for somewhere to get their clubbing fix of a weekend. Although The Arches,… Keep Reading

Planning a Glasgow Wedding: Issue #2, Choosing a Venue

So, it has been almost 8 weeks since the proposal and although many, many, (many!) bottles of champagne have been consumed, we are still left with half a dozen ready to be enjoyed on each momentous, wedding-related occasion for the next 18 months or so. Although, I say ‘18 months or so’, I actually know exactly how long we have until the Big Day because… *Drum roll please*…we have set a date! On Friday December 4th 2015 we will officially… Keep Reading

Planning a Glasgow Wedding: Issue #1, Scottish Wedding Show

If you are planning a wedding in Glasgow and have found yourself totally bedazzled and bemused by the volume of information (which comes in hugely varying levels of worth and helpfulness) available to you at the click of the button, you are not alone! This article is the first in a series which will appear regularly on Get Out Glasgow over the coming months and which will be devoted to uncovering some truths behind planning a Big Day in Scotland’s… Keep Reading

Take On The 5×50 Challenge

Scotland has among the highest mortality rates in Europe for some of the worst health problems imaginable, and the shockingly low life expectancy here in Glasgow cannot be explained merely by poverty or even by bad behaviour alone, it seems, with epidemiologists today still dubbing the mysterious underlying phenomenon at the root of the cause “The Glasgow Effect“. Or to put that in simpler terms… “dinnae ken”. But now it looks as though this great land of “deep fried anything”… Keep Reading

Best Nightclubs in Glasgow

Okay so Glasgow’s got a booming burger bar industry, a cool craft beer scene, some slick cocktail bars, and some rather wild (and mega cheap) student nightclubs. But when it comes to Glasgow nightlife, the thing that makes this city so infamous, no it’s not the Bru bombs, or the deep fried Mars bars at the end of the night (who actually eats those?), it’s our iconic clubbing. Glasgow churns out world class DJs, spawns acclaimed EDM labels, boasts some… Keep Reading

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