Best Places to Nurse a Hangover in Glasgow

We all know that Glasgow excels when it comes to legendary nights out, being home to one of the most vibrant bar and club scenes in Europe. But too few people talk about the equally legendary Glasgow hangover. Once you’ve had a few too many Buckfasts and danced the night away at Cheetah or Sub Club, all of the munchie boxes in the world won’t avail you of the headache that follows. Luckily, this city has you covered. If you’re going to be dealing with a brutal Glaswegian hangover this weekend, make sure to read up on the best hangover hangouts in the city.

Boozy Brunches

Everyone knows the ultimate hangover cure is an alcohol-infused brunch session with your nearest and dearest. If you want to get your brunch fix in style, throw on a giant pair of sunglasses and head over to the ridiculously trendy Ubiquitous Chip for some of the most OTT brunch cocktails you could ever ask for, including an inventive twist on the classic Bloody Mary (check out their full offerings here: If you don’t manage to get a table, stroll on over to Bar Soba for an Asian-themed bottomless brunch costing only £25.

A Comforting Nostalgia Fix

Sometimes when your head is killing and you’re filled with inexplicable dread over whatever you might have said or done the night before, all you want is a trip down memory lane to make you feel better. One of the best options for your hungover nostalgia fix should be the Treasure Island arcade over on Jamaica Street, which also has plenty of slots and electronic roulette tables should you want to try and win back last night’s bar tab. If you’re looking for a taste of what to expect without leaving the house, you can always have a go at some online penny roulette (such as that featured on: If a day of neon lights and penny slots don’t take you back to simpler times, nothing will.

Quiet Hangouts

Sometimes all you need is some peace, quiet and solitude. Somewhere serene you can nurse your hangover, ideally with plenty of comfortable seating to sink into. For this you can head over to the sprawling Mitchel Library, which has thousands of square feet of ornate library space and plenty of leather-bound sofas for you to sink into and forget your troubles. For something a little airier, head over to the GoMA (exhibitions here: if you feel like taking in minimalist prints in sunlit surroundings, occasionally popping over to the cafe to mainline cheap double espressos. If by some miracle the weather is tolerable, then pack a sandwich and head to Rouken Glen Park, where you can enjoy the feel of rural isolation in the heart of the city and spend your day staring at the highland cows that call the park home.

Glasgow knows how to have a good time, so it’s a good thing the city also knows how to help you recover.