5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Glasgow

It wasn’t so long ago when Glasgow trailed neighbour Edinburgh when it came to speciality coffee. The port city, however, has been catching up fast through a new breed of coffee shop. Speciality coffee is thriving in Glasgow and so are the venues that provide it. Here are five of those venues proving popular among coffee-lovers right now. Meadow Road Its simplistic layout, with seating alongside the windows and counter at the back, is perfect for those who simply want… Keep Reading

3 Places To Spend Bitcoin In Glasgow

For a while now we’ve been hearing about Bitcoin, a mysterious new form of online currency which can be used to buy pretty much anything yet we still don’t know much about. Now, Bitcoin isn’t just confined to the internet. Its popularity has spread around the world and has certainly taken Glasgow by storm. There has been an influx of places all around the city who are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment service just like regular card and… Keep Reading

4 Ways to Start Improving Your Life In Glasgow Today

Sometimes we can get tired and burnt out by life. We get stuck in a rut, start feeling lost or simply lose our drive for things we once had a passion for. There’s nothing wrong with that – it happens to the best of us; what matters is how you pick yourself up and start living life to the full again. Whether you want to break from your boring daily routine or try to find your calling in life, we have… Keep Reading

Things To Look For When Renting an Apartment in Glasgow

Whether you’re about to embark on a new journey at the University of Glasgow, or you’re just generally beginning a new chapter of your life in the city, you’re going to want to find high-quality accommodation. Of course, you will need to consider the important factors such as your budget and who you’re going to live with. But, being situated in Glasgow, there are a few other things that you need to thoroughly consider to ensure your renting experience is… Keep Reading

Do Something Daring in Glasgow

We’re all susceptible to falling into the trap of living our own cosy routines where we don’t take too many risks. Of course, not taking risks is generally a sensible approach in life, but every now and then you have to spice things up and do things that you might not usually do. That doesn’t mean putting everything you own on black or red; just challenge yourself to do something new now and then. Here are a few quick-fire suggestions… Keep Reading

Top Sporting Events to See in Glasgow

Glasgow is synonymous with staging some of the world’s greatest sporting spectacles and is famed for its passionate supporters who bring colour and noise to any given match. The historic city continues to host numerous top-class sporting contests and visitors to Glasgow will no doubt be hoping to catch some of these must-see events. International Football Glasgow is famed for its footballing allegiances and there are numerous stadium tours available across the city. Hampden Park regularly hosts International matches such… Keep Reading

Glasgow’s Casinos Reviewed

Glasgow has better nightlife options than any other provincial city in the UK, and its casino scene certainly rivals anything outside of London. With no less than 4 quality casinos, Glaswegian punters have plenty to choose from, and it’s no wonder that the city’s casinos attract many out-of-town visitors too. Let’s look at each of Glasgow’s casinos in detail. Alea Casino Located at Springfield Quay on the River Clyde, the Alea offers the gourmet dining experience, live shows and atmospheric… Keep Reading

Glasgow’s Top Restaurants

We all love going for a night out. This can be done in countless ways, whether it’s going to a bar or pub, attending sporting events, going for a walk, going to the gym, competing in classes or clubs, going shopping, dancing and much more. The simplest way of doing this is by going to a restaurant. Getting together with friends to eat is a fantastic way of spending time, catching up and having a great meal. We can also… Keep Reading

Cost-effective Glasgow nightlife options this Christmas

Glasgow witnessed a hugely successful Christmas lights switching-on ceremony in George Square recently, and it opened the floodgates to another season of festive fun as hordes of people flock to this party-centric city to enjoy the legendary nightlife. But whilst fancy bars like Blythswood Square and the city’s extravagant casinos may offer some exclusive attractions, for those of us who wish to save some pennies for Christmas presents, there are plenty of other exciting options. Whilst the big musical names… Keep Reading

Best Bars in Glasgow City Centre 2017

Last Updated: 29th January 2017 Going out in Glasgow and need a few ideas? The following list is a handful of the best bars in Glasgow city centre and the surrounding areas. These are all bars we love here at Get Out Glasgow, as well as suggestions from our thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers. Glasgow has an excellent bar scene, and the compact nature of the city centre means most are just a short walk from each other. This… Keep Reading

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